We stand for independence, for small businesses, for diversity and individuality, for supporting local and giving back to community.


Meet the Bay Area Brewers

The Bay Area Brewers Guild is proud to provide this resource for discovering and celebrating local independent craft beer and craft breweries — all part of a thriving regional craft beer scene.

The Bay Area is one of the world's richest craft beer regions because it's home to some of the best brewers on the planet. It's a region of pioneers and trailblazers, of the adventurous, the idiosyncratic, and the passionate. Diversity and camaraderie define the craft beer culture here, and are woven directly into the guild's mission.

Here, you'll find brewery profiles, beer to-go links, release info, event listings, custom merch, and much more, including resources for sharing and planning your beer explorations. Drink Bay Beer is a perfect launching off point for your exploration of the Bay Area's mighty craft beer scene and those breweries in your back yard.


The craft beer industry is undergoing a long overdue and intense moment of self reflection right now; learn more here: Craft Beer’s Sexist and Racist Reckoning Has Come Again, Paste Magazine

Let's be emphatically clear -- There is absolutely no place in our region, in this guild, or in our industry for misogyny, inequality, racism, sexism or any other "-ism" that disempowers, abuses or treats individuals differently. The Bay Area Brewers Guild, along with the national Brewers Association and other industry leaders, is bringing online tools and resources to support members in routing out bad behavior and ensuring workplaces and tasting rooms are safe, inclusive and respectful of all. Learn more here.